SketchUp Project
How to render your first SketchUp project

First things first: create an account. If you haven't done it yet you can go to our sign up page.

After you sign up you'll be redirected to the Projects Page.

Here you can check your balance and your current projects list.

To create a new project click the "Add project" button and give your project a name.


Now we are off to the next step!
Upload your files

To upload files use the "Add files" button or just drag'n'drop files into the page area.

After selecting the files you'll see an upload indicator.

Once the upload is complete you will see your files in the table. There will be three buttons for a *.skp file: to delete the file, rename it or to start the rendering.

Now press the start button and a render settings pop-up will appear.
Blender Project
Blender Project
Render settings

Here you can choose you rendering settings.

We currently support SketchUp version 2018.

You can choose the quality for the current render task. These presets equal to the vray built-in presets.

Higher quality needs more render time.

If you need some post render correction like exposure setting - you can upload your vccglb file to the project, and we apply it during rendering.

If you need only one scene to be rendered choose "Single frame" or choose "All scenes" if you want to render all scenes in your project.

Also you can select node for your task. Lower node needs more time for the task but is cheaper.

Press the "Start" button once it's done.
Get your render

After clicking the "Start" button you will get a link to the task page (Image 1).

The task settings and the task status will be shown here (Image 2).

When the task is ready its status will change to "Task completed" and you will see a preview with watermarks (Image 3).

If you're satisfied with the result you can buy the final image without watermarks. To do so click the "Pay for the task" link below the preview (Image 4).
SketchUp V-Ray Project SketchUp V-Ray Project SketchUp V-Ray Project SketchUp V-Ray Project
Blender Project
Rendered image

Here you are, the rendering is completed!

Source files for this manual were downloaded from, Lecce Bath Free 3D model

Lecce Bath Free 3D model